September 20, 2011

Family Portrait.

I didn't realize how difficult it would be to get a decent family photo. To date, we only have a handful, and none have all participants looking at the camera—let alone smiling for it.

I'm hopeful that all of that will change when the talented, Misty Enright shoots the hell out of my family...with her camera.

I don't want anything too "Olan Mills" and I also dislike the matchy-matchy white shirt, blue jeans and bare feet shots. (I mean, have you seen McMuffin's feet? The half marathon did not treat him well.) So I'm thinking we'll try something a little different but relaxed and then a few in the backyard and call it a day.

These family portraits are kind of what I'm looking for—imperfect perfection:

Love the idea of taking a random photo, blowing it up like crazy, and dropping it in a white frame.

Posed but not cheese. Geeze, everything Nicole does is flawless. Jeal.

The next two are fun in their own ways, but too posed for me:

BEST EVER! This has me wondering if I should book a hair stylist like they did? Hmmmm.

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