June 27, 2011

Fairfield Half Marathon.

It's no secret—I do not run. There are a few reasons for this:

1. I run like a duck. 
2. I find it boring. 
3. It hurts my knees. (I know, I know. WAAAA poor baby. But, if Fairfield held a dance-a-thon OR a rollerskate-a-thon—I'd definitely be in it to win it. I LOVE rollerskating music—I know you know what I'm talking about.)

Anyway, for the above reasons I am even more in awe and proud of all the half-marathon runners we cheered on yesterday.

Li'l G kept saying how it was "his turn" to run. And kept trying to join in with the runners.

When I gave G$ the choice to either clap for the runners that went by our street or take a nap. He decided to take a seat in his Lightning McQueen lawn chair and look for Daddy and Aunt Lo.

In the lead, we found Brian! (He's Melissa's hubby whom I blogged about last week.)

Next up, McMuffin! He made awesome time—especially considering he only trained for 2 weeks and 4 runs = 1 hr. 52 mins.

Li'l G was so excited when we saw Daddy but then started crying when he kept on going to the finish line. 

I didn't get great pictures of the rest of our runners in action including (from left to right) Adam, Melissa with baby Emma, Aunt Lo and her man Ryan, McMuffin with Li'l G and Brian with Jack.

Especially proud of my sister. I mean, look at her—she's a human gazelle. Amazeballs.
(I bet you can't even tell that I made these three go to a tequila bar with me the night before the race.)

Some other shots from the weekend:

 Li'l G and Poppy.


Baby Smiley!

G$ with the sprinkler toy Aunt Renee gave him.

Me with Li'l G grabbing breakfast and coloring at the bagel shop. 
I guess I'll never leave the kids table. 

Andrea xx

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