September 19, 2011

Fire. Food. Fashion.

I finally had time to paint the fireplace wood holder thingies that I picked up at an Estate Sale a few weeks ago. They were a super faded gold and I thought it would be a fun place to bring a bold punch of color. I'm not really sure how I feel about the final result so help me decide.

I'm officially obsessed with spray painting. Note: I tried convincing McMuffin to let me paint our mailbox hot pink. No dice. *sad face

Now just pretend there is a pile of birch wood laying across the holders.

Here's a better shot of them in the space. Soooo what are our thoughts on the orange? Tell me what you think.

Aaaaand the other big project was last night's feast. I kicked it off with this super flavorful, colorful and healthful ratatouille. HUGE HIT! You can grab the recipe in this month's edition of Food & Wine. Yuh. Mee.

Lastly, I need to add my two cents on all the Emmy fashion from last night. Here are my top three looks:

My FAVORITE! I wonder if Suri helped her pick this out? 

I LOOOOOVE this gown. And her accessories are perfect!

This dress is so fun. I think it would look amazing in emerald green and gold. Just saying.

Lastly, what is with these gorgeous young ladies wearing Mother of the Bride dresses? 

Diana: Satin never looks good on anyone. EVER. And the cut of this dress does absolutely nothing for you. Fart-central. 
Minka: You're going through a break up, I get it, you're sad. But leave the pity party at home. Your whole look is depressing. Waaaaaa. 

Crazy week ahead! Here's to consuming lots of wine coffee and Smartwater to help get through it with a smile.

Andrea xx

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