July 6, 2011

Are you Lulu for Lulu?

Hello AE Design loyal followers. My name is Jess and I will be your guest blogger today! I know many followers of this blog appreciate advertisements, design, etc... so I'm here to give kudos to one company that has really nailed it:

When I see these print ads, (only used in yoga and running magazines) I just imagine the creative team at Lulu taking all of their meetings from downward dog poses:

But let's be honest, I'm really here to express my love for the clothing. Say goodbye to your old workout gear that consisted of shorts bought at Modell's and a t-shirt you got for free at a bar, and say hello to this:

Likes: Stays in place (even in handstand), not skin tight, unique light weight, pretty!
Dislikes: NONE! (Okay, maybe I dislike the price, but what do you expect to pay for the best stuff on the market?)

And if skin-tight yoga pants aren't your thing, how about trying a pair like these:


Well that's all for today. Hopefully I'll be back to blog for you again one day. Thanks! 

Lululemon lover, Jess

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