July 7, 2011

Free For All

Hey AE design fans! I'm Andrea's sister, Laura, your guest blogger for today.

So, Andrea thinks I'm writing about all the fun free activities in NYC this summer ...but I'm not.


Instead, I am dedicating this post to her—the artist formally known as AO, Andrea Olewnik. 

Kindergarten: cutie!

1st grade: 
The baby looks just like her.

2nd grade
Someone slept in sponge curlers

3rd grade: bangin!

4th grade: glasses debut.

5th grade:
Laser background & shoulder pads!!

6th grade: Updated laser background!!!

7th grade: braces debut.

8th grade: hellooooooo contacts, 
just in time for high school!

Freshman: Survived awkward stage!


Sophomore: "Sun-In" 

Junior: she hasn't changed much.

Senior: Ready for college

Andrea— I'm sorry, I couldn't resist. You can book me to babysit on your night of choice.

Fans— this may be the last you hear from me on AE Design but keep on reading, and I encourage you to recruit a friend to "Like" her.

I Love her.



  1. Gotta love younger sisters! I was hoping to see some Miss Jodi recital photos....maybe in your next guest feature!

  2. Great job Lo Lo!

  3. Awwww....sweet post, Laura! Love the vintage Andrea pics. :)

  4. Great post LO! Andrea, it is so sweet to see how much your beautiful boys look like you!!
    xo MJB