June 21, 2011

Hunting for the House.

We took a mini break from house shopping to focus on more summery things like:

• Summer clothes and gear for the boys

• Summer essentials for Mommy and Daddy

• And super exciting stuff like weed whackers, mulch and garden hoses for outside

But I'm starting to get the itch to tackle round two of the living room and entry way. I'll try to show a few before and after pictures of what we've done so far in another post this week. But here are a few ideas I'm liking:

 This lantern for the entry.

These pillows: except instead of cream and gray I want cream and orange. 
Those cocktail tables! And I spy an Amanda Stone Talley painting—mi piace.

A Fiddle Leaf Fig tree.

White birch logs for the fireplace and these acrylic firewood holders.

A nice pop of color in the entry way. 
This is too big, but something like this colorwise, to drop keys, kids' orphan socks, etc. 

This Calypso runner in the entry in cream and pink.  Rad.

 And something like this would be really cute in a simple white frame with a crazy bright mat.

Andrea xx

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