June 20, 2011

Dad's Day Recap.

Yesterday was one of those days that seemed super long. And since we had so much fun, that's definitely a good thing. The only fail on my part was that I left the memory card for the camera at the office. Boooo Mommy! So the only pictures I have are from my iPhone—which isn't that awful.

 Daddy, WAKE UP!
Li'l G slept in until 8am—his usual wake up time is 2 hours earlier, talk about Happy Father's Day.

Let the 3rd Annual Father's Day Scavenger Hunt commence!

Clue 1: Brought Daddy a couple cards and lead him to...

 Clue 2: Hooked McMuffin up with a new golf outfit, coffee and breakfast and off to Clue 3...

Okay after the second clue, I forgot to take pictures but Clue 3 included running gear for the Half Marathon coming up next Sunday. 

Clue 4: Mets hats for McMuffin, Li'l G, and Baby Bubba

Clue 5: Two baseballs mitts—one for McMuffin and one for G$ (it's so tiny and adorable!) complete with a bucket of T-balls

After Sunday Mass, we took the mitts and baseballs to the park. Sadly, the slide and swings were more exciting than playing catch. Another day. 

And for Father's Day dinner I made Orecchiette with hot italian sausage and broccoli rabe. I wish I took a picture of that.

Here's Li'l G in his Mets hat.

No, he's not throwing gang signs, more like throwing a tantrum because he didn't want to wear a swim diaper to the beach. 

 Poppy, Li'l G and McMuffin.

The Baby with Aunt Ali and Nanny. 

G$ loves his hat. 

And Baby Bubbs just loves life. He is the happiest little muffin. 
It was an awesome day for sure. Especially, since both boys took a solid three hour nap.

Andrea xx

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