February 24, 2014

Perfect is so... Meh.

The Oscars are this upcoming Sunday and you know what that means... the Red Carpet critique by a bunch of "perfection experts"... yea. okay.

Being a graphic artist, I like when a design turn out perfect—as deemed by a client. Or when a meal I cook receives rave reviews by my family and guests. But I'm starting to get really bored with what perfect looks like on the red carpet.

As I flip through the red carpet looks from all the award shows this year, Lena Dunham's was the only one that made me stop dead in my tracks and just smile. Maybe it's because that color yellow makes me really happy. Maybe it's because her lipstick and hair color and style accent it perfectly. But I also appreciate that she still looks like herself. No orange spray tan, no duckface, no extensions or creepy pointy finger nails, just real. And really pretty.

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