July 16, 2013

The Return of the Food Fairy.

Back in my chubby sorority days we'd often sometimes grab an ice cream sundae for lunch and dinner. Since then, I've cleaned up my eating habits a bit and haven't revisited ice cream as a supper option until last week when the boys decided they wanted to skip a nice wholesome meal and move ten spaces to Sweetsville. Lucky for me, they are under the impression that Pinkberry frozen yogurt is ice cream. 20 points for this girl.

Unfortunately, we seem to have stirred up some food-fairy-feelings and now I want Pinkberry for lunch and dinner every day. -15 points

1 comment:

  1. Pinkberry for dinner is my go-to Tuesday night meal after rehearsal. I get it with granola and fruit and frankly, I don't feel guilty even though I probably should. Hey - it's not disco fries!!!