July 9, 2013

Night Tabled.

If you follow me on Instagram you might have noticed a happy photo of myself with Andrew McCarthy. Most people recognize him as an actor in two of my favorite movies: Pretty in Pink and St. Elmo's Fire. Admittedly, that's the only reason why I went to his book appearance at a local library and picked up a copy of his memoir for him to sign.

As I was packing for vacation last week it hit me that I needed a book for the beach and there was no time to run to the ol' bookstore. (I have a Kindle but prefer a traditional book—sorry, Mama Earth.) So, "one man's quest for the courage to settle down" was gonna have to do.

Fast forward to vacay over and... SHAPRISE! The Longest Way Home was wonderful—it's a beautifully told story of family dynamics and romance threaded neatly together by world travel. Definitely grab a copy but I'm warning you now, you're going to get the travel bug. Patagonia anyone?

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