September 4, 2012

Falling Hard.

New York Fashion Week is practically here. And yes, I'm very excited to start wearing fall clothes but is it possible that I'm MORE excited to eat Fall foods? Not only is it possible, it's absolutely freaking true.

As it turns out, my Mom sent me the handy-dandy Wegmans Fall 2012 magazine, Menu, that is filled with Autumnal goodness! So I'm kicking it off tonight with a little Garlic-Parmesan Tilapia.

Get the recipe here. (And if you find yourself near a Wegmans I suggest grabbing a palette of their basting oil. I use it in almost everything I make.)

Other deliciousness that will be grace my table top in the days and weeks to come...


Pretty much put anything on tortellini and you're set. Don't believe me? Try this.

Feel free to post any awesome recipes you find to the Facebook page. And I hope you'll embrace the "all" in Fall. That was so cheesy and I don't even care right now.