August 20, 2012

Election Inspection.

I'm curious. Are you paying attention to this year's election? (Or are you watching human interest stories on Good Morning America?) Do you have your mind made up about which candidate you're going to vote for? If the answer is no, what criteria are you going to base your decision on?

My FIL dropped by yesterday and we started having this same conversation... Of the people who still have no idea who they'll vote for, what exactly will win their vote? What issues are they focusing on? It would seem like a lot of some people are more concerned with whether they can relate to a candidate over how qualified a candidate may be for the job.

Doesn't that seem crazy? Tina Fey said it best in her book, Bossypants, (and I paraphrase) "Politicians and prostitutes are the only jobs where inexperience is a virtue."

So, first of all, are you registered to vote? 
Yes!—gold star.
No, you say?—go here.

Next, do you know who the candidates are?
Yes!—you get a cookie
No?—Okay, so it's like the Academy Awards where there are "nominees", only YOU get to vote!

Now, take some time to figure out what's important to you and your fam and pay attention to what each candidate's platform is on those issues.

Hint: I suggest watching some informative shows that give the election more air time than the woman swimming from Cuba to Florida. (That includes Morning Joe. LOVE!)

Lastly, vote on November 6th. You even get a sticker!
And that's better than a gold star, or a cookie, or even a gold cookie.

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  1. I'm English so it's not to do with me - but it's always on the news during the run up to the elections so it's really interesting to come and read little snippets of opinions and such :) Great post :) I sadly lose at both questions though :p