July 13, 2012


I'm super duper extra excited to announce the launch of Andrea Espach Design's shop on Etsy. Behold the new "shop" button to the right and here's a sneak peek of what you'll see when you go...

Head over for an exclusive look at a couple new projects! The latest save-the-date scratch off cards, as well as... wait for it.... gender reveal scratch off cards!

I'm super excited about the gender reveal cards, in case you couldn't tell. So if you're prego and want to share the exciting news of whether you're "hatching" a boy or girl in a different and fun way, you just have to check these out.


  1. Whoohoo! Love the gender reveal scratch offs- reason enough to get pregnant again!;)

  2. Congrats! LOVE your new etsy shop. You are incredibly talented so I know it will be a big success.