June 7, 2012

Something. Off Chest.

Look, I get it. Not everyone sees the value in a beautifully designed invitation.
Do I think they're crazy and wrong? Yes. Yes, I do.

"But I can't see spending a lot of money on the invitations when people are just going to throw them out."

Bitch, please. The invitation is the ONLY piece of your wedding your guests will live with longer than the 8 hours of your actual event. Let me break it down for you.

1. Guests get invite in mail

2. Guest sticks invite on fridge, or cork board, or inside date book, what-have-you...

3. Guest walks by, points out to friends over for dinner, flips by in date book, and goes back to refer to over and over, again and again

4. Then, on the actual day of your wedding, most guests will take said invite and pop it in their pocket-book, inside jacket pocket, or dashboard of car while they make their way to your event

The average invitation goes out one and a half months before the big day. That's 45 days. 1,080 hours of time your guests are spending with a little slice of YOU. Don't you want to put your best peep-toed foot forward? Especially, on this day—your wedding day?

Your photographer will want to take a creative photo of your wedding bands stacked on top of it. Your Mom will frame it. And you'll pop that invite inside your wedding album to show your kids and grandkids someday.

So yea, when it's all over, your guests probably will throw it out. Just like you'll throw your bouquet, open bar will close, and slices of uneaten cake will be scraped off a plate and tossed in the dump.

But it's all part of the wonderful, magical experience of getting married. And if you ask me, I'd want to set it off with a bang!

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  1. I totally agree, that and pictures are probably the most important, tangible, lasting parts of the big day. Invitations can be so special and worth the time, thought and money on. You'll be able to look back at that invitation 5, 10, 30 years from now, and it will conjure up all kinds of excitement and sweet memories. Don't underestimate the joy it can bring.