June 25, 2012


My friend Shelley literally just sent me this link. Call the paramedics, I'm DYING! Where was all this gorgeousness when I was getting married? So jealous of those brides-to-be out there planning their special day. BHLDN is killing it with unique gowns, funky but elegant accessories, and decorations and stationery that have me starting a Pinterest board for my second wedding—same groom, obviously!

 WHAT?! Straight up pouting that I didn't wear this to my reception.

This dress is so simple and beautiful—especially with the ginormous flower!

Just about the most perfect veil on Earth.
Throw-back veil=fun and different, so over the birdcage veil. 
And "Hello, church that insists a woman's shoulders are covered... with pleasure."

Double love these gloves and deco clutch.

After seeing this cake platter, one of the boys WILL have a sea-themed birthday party this year—taking it to necessity status. And in honor of me and McMuffin's five year anniversary, I'm hanging these MR. / MRS. banners on our dining room seats for the rest of the year. 
Gorg? YES! Ridiculous? Maybe. Do I care? Uh, no.

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