May 8, 2012

Late to the Party // 2012 Met Gala

Commentary has been building for hours now and I'm ready to add my voice to the mix. So, for what it's worth (not a whole damn lot) here are my FAVEs—by "bucket".

The top three best looks of the night! Jessica Alba takes the cake, flawless.

BIV—as in the last part of the rainbow, I really liked all of these dresses, but Diane looks really unique (in a good way) and comfortable. Really beautiful actually.

Oh Chuck Bass Ed Westwick—you look even more scrumptious than the ladies. 
And they look pretty damn good.

If someone put a gun to my head and said I had to go to the Met Gala dressed as a bridesmaid. I'd have to go with Solange Knowles' look. Loving the contrast of the structured dress with the natural/playful hair. Oh, and SPARKLY clutch... I love you.

I was super excited to see Kristin Wiig in something other than blahhhh nude. But I just adore Ginnifer Goodwin... especially in this dress (minus the dye-able bridesmaid shoes that belong in the above category.) Her skin with the dark pixie cut and this HOT color is just incredible. 

And the best of the worst goes to... 
 Anja Rubik. With SOOOOO much leg it feels inappropriate and slut-tastic. 
MJ, SJP, and Kirsten just look harmlessly costume-y and silly.

That's all she wrote. For even more photos from last night hit up New York Magazine!

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