April 24, 2012

Britney Double Take.

I've been a Britney Spears fan since I first saw the "Hit Me Baby One More Time" video on MTV in the Student Center lounge my Freshman Year of college. And I'm always in her corner no matter what the popular opinion is of her talent level, or personal life. So I was super excited when I was stalking checking out Britney's Facebook page and was blown away by how beautiful she looks in her profile picture! So happy for her, in fact, that I shoved the photo on my iPhone under McMuffin's nose to look at the picture and told him her trim physique and bright eyes, complexion and smile could only be attributed to her love-muffin-fiancé, Jason, and exciting future on X-Factor.

Upon further scrutiny (read: further stalking on Getty Images Editorial Photos), I discovered that that glorious and inspiring Facebook photo (which has since suspiciously changed) was nothing more than a SHAM, people! In fact the closer I looked at the two pictures—the perfect Facebook photo and the real-deal Getty Images pic—the more I could pickup the individual Photoshop improvements... increased arch and filled in eyebrows, skinnier arms, bustier bust, less wrinkle-y elbow, etc.

Britney, You've had a few tough years that no doubt aged you more than your average 30 year old. But if you want to appear skinnier you should just hop on the J. Hud wagon and sign up for Weight Watchers. You're trusted graphic designer/photoshop pro can't help you on your upcoming X Factor appearances.


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