March 5, 2012

Ex Boyfriend?

This morning I dropped McMuffin off at the coffee shop by the train station. Before I could back out of my parking spot I decided I wanted a coffee too. So I ran in a minute later, got in line next to McMuffin and gave him a friendly punch in the arm. The barrista looked at us funny and after McMuffin left to grab his train, she said we looked good together and asked if he was my boyfriend.

I found this hilarious and I replied, "No. Not anymore... He's my husband." big smile*

That seemed like the perfect end to a weekend that included an awesome date day—courtesy of my in-laws. We hit Morandi for brunch (the coffee is seriously brewed by angels) and then shot up to Lincoln Center to see War Horse.

War Horse was beyond amazing. As a once upon a time art student who survived the Freshman Foundation program, (co-sufferers, you know what I'm talking about) I was blown away by the artistic engineering of the show. But in true "Andrea" form, what really blew my mind was the chocolate pignoli nut brioche I had a few hours earlier at Morandi.

Behold. Brunch.

These are the first poached eggs I've ever had. They looked, um... interesting. But so DELICIOUS!

I'm the weirdo who takes pictures of her food.

Happy Monday! 

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