February 27, 2012

Oscar Party.

My parents are in town, so we had our own little Oscar Party last night! My sister and I considered dressing up in my old prom dresses but we decided to put all our efforts towards the food instead. Probably a better idea: roasted garlic salmon, potatoes parmigiana, and a roasted pepper and artichoke heart salad, and of course finger food—sliced up leftover pizza. We're fancy.

Here are my top choices, and one of my sister's, for best dressed on the Academy Awards' Red Carpet.

That dress is a wear-able piece of Art (Deco). And you know how I get with sparkly things. I loved everything about Giuliana last night! Dress, hair, makeup—PERFECTION!

Jason Segal looked unbelievable! If I was replanning my wedding to McMuffin, he'd be wearing that amazing tux at the end of the aisle. Super handsome.

Octavia looks like a winner in this dress. I love it, and I especially love it on her with those amazing curves—which seem to be lacking in Hollywood.

And Glenn looks so cool and confident. Must be because she's been nominated SIX TIMES before—girl's got experience. The color looks great and I love the tux jacket with it.

And the only dress that seemed to WOW Laura all night was this stunner on Emma Stone.

How many of you are going to watch Best Picture Winner, the Artist, this week? I'll catch it On Demand.

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