February 3, 2012

Bridal Besties—Invitation Party

After wedding invitations are printed and sent to the bride, they still need to be stuffed, stamped and addressed. This weekend I helped a friend—along with nine other ladies—to get her wedding invitations ready for the Postman.

 Snacks, cocktails and pizza are the perfect payment for these busy bees. But shouldn't share the same workspace as the invite assembly-line.

Before your guests arrive be sure to have the addresses ready to roll, along with stamps (have the post office weigh the invitations to be sure you have the correct postage) and lots of pretty pens to choose from. 

We all wrote out a test invitation and then the bride chose which handwriting she liked best. Jobs were divided up from there.

One last piece of advice: tailor the helpers to the type of wedding you're having.

For instance, if you're strictly following tradition, it might be great to have the MOBs, MOGs and older Aunts with a lot of experience (and great penmanship) to give you proper etiquette of how things should be stacked, envelopes addressed, etc.

If you're wedding is more laid-back, you might want to have friends who won't give you a hard time addressing envelopes more casually, and just keep the overall experience stress-free.

Have an awesome weekend. If anyone has any good Super Bowl recipes feel free to share.

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