January 25, 2012

Shelf it.

My friend Mike has a pretty expansive apartment (compared to Manhattan) in Los Angeles and an expansive DVD and Blu-ray collection to match. He was wondering if I had any ideas for how to house these in an interesting way in his living room.

Here are some ideas I found around town:

I thought a few spine shelves next to each other could look interesting.
Especially if the DVD covers were organized by color—not extremely helpful if you're trying to find one, buuuuuut who cares. 

This probably works better with children's books than DVD's but still looks cute. 

Not realistic in terms of storing mucho DiViDios but I want this for Trumpsters room. Or actually this version is more appropriate...

Okay, back to Mike. So then I found these two, which both felt more masculine and unique.

And of course my personal fave—purely because of the clean lines and simplicity of the color coding. The ridiculously gorgeous bathtub doesn't hurt either.

all images via Pinterest

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