January 3, 2012

Help a Sister Out.

MISSION: Find a fun colorful runner for the front hallway. Option 1 isn't exactly colorful. But it's so fun and I love the chunky lime trim. On the other hand, Option 2 has the bold orange color that we want with a boring classic stripe and small pinky red trim. I think either can work year round (or until I get sick of them).

Let's see what they look like in the space with the help of some Photoshop magic. (P.S.—if you take a Photoshop class for no other reason than to see how things look in your house before you buy them, it's money well-spent.)

Info that might interest the CFO of our household:

Zig Zag rug = $150  and Orange rug = $50

Opinion away!

Andrea xx


  1. #1 of course. Where else do you get to put zig zags in ur house? Stripes are so commonplace-- and they show dirt more..!

  2. I don't know, I kinda like the orange...I feel like I might need some orange in my house.

  3. How about a compromise...Zig Zag in orange!!!