December 7, 2011

Before and After :: Christmas Tree Hunt

Our friends host a tree hunt party every year and this is the first year we came back with a tree. So fun! Here's the 7 ft. beauty McMuffin picked out.


Choppity chop chop chop. My burly lumberjack and his assistants, Ray and Li'l G.

No help at all. Sheesh.

Jones Farm

Tree Hunters.


And our first fire! (Which has left our living room smelling like a smoke house. WTF? We had the flue open the whole time—maybe too long afterwards? Any ideas on what the prob could be? Or how to get that smokey smell out?)

Anyway, who has fun party plans this weekend...this girl!

Andrea xx


  1. Love the tree! And so jealous that you go to Jones. I have Jones ornaments to go on our tree, but our tree is from the NC mountains (which are actually great, but Jones was always our tradition!)
    As for the fireplace..when's the last time you had your chimney cleaned? Also, you can buy some sort of creosote cleaning logs that can help. But I'd get someone to check it out. =)

  2. We had the chimney swept and checked last year. Any tips on getting the smoke stink out?

  3. We never closed the flu with our first house, how long after did you close it? Try a chimney sweeping log, they are very easy. Also we found the placement of thewood determined how much smoke came out the front and not the flu due to the design of the flu. The smoke smell just takes time, try lighting candles and dusting the furniture. We found that if the doors were closed the dust was less but who doesn't love seeing a burning fireplace. I miss that, we only have a gas fireplace right now.
    Hannah Fava