November 16, 2011

What I'm Working on Wednesday :: Spring Lookbook

I love getting a sneak peek at what the creative minds at Miz Mooz are going to put out for next season's shoes and sandals—and I thought you would too. Especially since the colors are crazy bright and today is the opposite, at least in Connecticut.

Photography lesson learned: Don't take pictures of a colorful and active subject on a colorful and active background. Sorry if your eyes crossed on this one—they won't stay that way.

And you can't tell from the pictures but the red shoes on the cover have a UV varnish that make them super high gloss where they almost look wet. LOVE!

Oh and the last pic: I whipped up that super easy salmon dinner last Wednesday. The best thing about it is that once everything is prepped, you just throw it in the oven, and then you can play RACE CARS! And for the record, playing "race cars" involves WAY more sound effects and physical activity than playing Barbies ever did. Just saying.  

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