November 14, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up :: Sister Sunday in BK

Every Saturday morning, Li'l G wakes up and yells "It's the WEEKEND—no school, no work!" Just in case we forgot. And this weekend was one of my favorites. Take a look.

Saturday involved tons of errands and an exciting fireplace addition that I will share soon. (I'm obsessed.) The boys were in such good moods and we got through naptime, playtime, dinnertime, bathtime, storytime AND bedtime without a single whine or tear. And that, my friends, is a record. 

After church on Sunday, the boys and I headed to Brooklyn to visit my sister, Laura, while McMuffin met up with friends to watch football in the city. Our BK invasion included an awesome vegetarian potpie—featuring delicious mushrooms by Aunt Lo, the Prospect Park playground, and a few tears when it came time to leave. Then Trump, G$ and I met up with McMuffin for dinner in our old neighborhood with good friends.

Hope you had a wonderfall weekend. Get it? Wonder-fall? Autumn? Okay...I'm clearly too rested for my own good. Busy busy week ahead.

Andrea xx

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