November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving Photo Leftovers.

I'm sure you're all ready to move on to bigger and better things (like Christmas) but let's just revisit Thanksgiving one last time. We had an awesome week-long visit in Rochester with family and friends! With the big highlight being Thanksgiving at my parents' house. 19 adults, 5 kids, 2 turkeys, and one hell of a good time.

I made this and all of our seating cards about 20 years ago. See, I loved type from a very early age. And check out that pilgrim woman profile!

Trumpster with his Godfather.

Nonna's soup kicks off our festive meal. It's a stracciatella and turkey soup with mini cheese-less manicotti. You're so jealous—and you should be. It's outstanding.

My sister and I with our cousin, Michele.

The bird. So delicious. Li'l G named him Trevor the Turkey.

Butternut squash, spinach, onions and cranberries.

Is it weird that Brussels sprouts round out my top three Thanksgiving dishes?

Going for a walk before dessert. Laura brings her "road soda".

McMuffin carrying the Trumpster who fell asleep on the walk.

G$ gets tickle-attacked by his cousin, Madeline.

Lastly, we took a picture of each side of our family—but this photo is my favorite. Check out Li'l G's face. Waaaah.

Okay, let's officially move into Christmas season! Can't wait to share this years holiday card and a few of the others I designed for clients.

Andrea xx

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