December 1, 2011

FYI Damas means Bridesmaids.

You may or may not remember the bridesmaids cards I designed for a bride a few months back—well, another bride liked them so much she wanted them for herself. Except she wanted to make them her own...and that meant translating them to Spanish. We did two versions: one for the bridesmaids and one for the two maids of honor. Take a look at the maid of honor card.

Translation: I said yes!

Translation: So should you. Will you be one of my maids of honor?

LOVE that 'diamond' on the ring-a-ding-dingy! You know me and sparkly things. 

And here's Trumpster getting in on the photo shoot action. He even brought a prop—a part to his Dr. Brown's bottle! (And if you're familiar with Dr. Brown's, you know there are a LOT of parts.)

Andrea xx

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