November 15, 2011

Final Fireplace Update.

Remember a couple months back I attempted to update the fireplace? If not, check out this link and this one too. Well, they just weren't doing it for me. Plus, I didn't think those orange posts cut it—safety-wise—with two curious little boys.

So, this weekend McMuffin put his engineer hat on and installed this slice of fireplace heaven. Here's the BEFORE (as in WAY before when we first moved in):

And here is the NOW WOW!

When Li'l G woke up from his nap after they were installed, he said, "Are those doors for Santa?" Yes, G$, yes, they are.

And no, I still have not repotted Livy, the fiddle leaf fig tree. I'm still searching for the perfect pot. This is on my list of 12 things to do before 2012. Stay tuned.

Here is the handy man, himself. I'd say two thumbs up, McMuffin, after all—there was fiberglass involved and you did it in one nap-time.

We bought the door/screen combo at Home Depot. It's the Pleasant Hearth Edinburg style Medium Fireplace Glass Door in gunmetal.

Can't wait to start the first fire in this bad boy! Hotsy totsy. 

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