November 17, 2011

12 before 2012

Here are the 12 things I aim to accomplish before 2012 and I'm posting it because it will hold me accountable. (Yes, I realize that you most likely don't give a rat's arse.) 

1. Get the e-store up on my website
2. Design Li'l G's birthday invitations
3. Print a stock of the bridesmaids cards to sell in stationery boutiques
4. Repot Livy
5. Dig out the Canalillies and put them into hibernation for the Winter
6. Replace cabbages and mums in the flowerbox with tiny evergreen trees
7. Put up the Christmas lights—or more accurately, harass McMuffin to put up the lights
8. Make a first year photo book for Trumpster (like I did for G$)
9. Make a birthday photo book for Trumpster (like I did for G$)
10. Mail sample books out to clients
11. Send thank you notes for Trumpster's birthday
12. Throw Li'l G a rad B-day party

Notice I've already completed a few important tasks—Ka-CHOW! So I want to share a couple Thank You notes I've recently designed, including the ones for Trump's birthday (I know, I know, wasn't that like a month ago?) and the other for a bride that I've loved working with for the past few monthsthe only thing left to design for her might be next year's holiday card or perhaps a baby announcement in the years to come. *wink

I've been flip-flopping between using my logo and my signature for certain projects and I can't decide which I like better. A really important art teacher of mine said that your signature was a special part of your artwork and that it deserved as much consideration as the artwork itself. That's always stayed with me, even though she's since passed away.

Wow—Debbie D. over here, sorry 'bout that. Let's end on a happier note. I saw the most amazing bumper sticker the other day. It said: Smile it's TODAY!

Totes awesome.

Andrea xx

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