October 4, 2011

Morbid Curiosity.

I started Phase I of turning over my closets from Summer to Fall clothes this weekend. In the process, I came across what I like to call, my go-to unexpected funeral dress. It made me think—am I a total weirdo? Does this make me a morbid person? Do other people have special clothes, whether a suit or dress, that they set aside for the passing of a loved one?

My dress is from last Winter's GAP collection and looks similar to this one, except with three-quarter length sleeves.

So, now I'm wondering, if this is normal, (is it?) then should I also keep funeral accessories on hand too? Nothing crazy, here's what I'm thinking:

Just in case

After pondering this on Sunday morning, my father-in-law came over for dinner after going suit shopping for "any funerals that might be coming up".  For some reason this didn't make me feel any better. Maybe because he's in his 60's and sadly that's when a lot of one's friends start dying and here I am at 30 (give or take) and I'm all prepared.


Andrea xx

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