October 13, 2011

Fur Sure.

Boyden is a fancy business—a global C-level executive recruitment firm—and I recently found this two-panel brochure template I designed for them. The one on Russia is one of my faves. Here 'tis:

After designing this report, I wanted to visit Russia. (That and Doctor Zhivago—all those gorgeous fur hats!)

If you're not familiar with Doctor Zhivago, this is one of the gorgeous fur hats I'm talking about. Add this to your Netflix cue.

Angelina, Scarlett and Kim K. have NOTHING on Julie Christie. 
I feel like I've designed a bazillion brochures and newsletters—many of which highlight emerging markets—and I always walk away having learned so many interesting facts about these new places, both cultural and business-wise. Initially, these projects never sound exciting, but I think it's fun to organize all this super smart information into a piece that is easy to digest and looks pretty too.

So, who's coming with me? I'll even throw in a fur hat. Okay, more like faux fur.

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