October 27, 2011

Florida Vacation Wrap Up: Part Two

Back to our vacation, so the first part was spent in Ormond Beach for a family member's wedding and we thought it would be fun to round out our trip—and super celebrate Trump's birthday—with a trip to Disney's Animal Kingdom!

The boys are borderline obsessed with the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse show on Disney Junior. So it goes without saying that they recognized their favorite characters right away. Trumpster gave Mickey a huge hug and big wet kiss on his nose.
Melt. My. Heart.

This would also be where my iPhone went missing.

Possible suspect #1:

Possible suspect #2:

Possible suspect #3:

Li'l G and Big G with matching poses.

Night swimming at the Animal Kingdom Lodge's awesome pool.

Pretty sure these two had the time of their lives. So did I.
Now I just need my new phone to ship.

Andrea xx

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