October 25, 2011

Florida Vacation Wrap Up: Part One

I'm back! If you were wondering I've been for the past few days—we went to Florida for a wedding with a side of Disney World to celebrate Trump's first birthday. The first part of the trip was in Daytona and Ormond Beach. The boys woke us up every. single. morning. to see the sunrise. How thoughtful of them.

Here's the sunrise view of the clock tower from our room.

And these are some shots from our cousin's wedding.

Love these boys!

Don't believe the hype, there is such a thing as the perfect Mother and I'm standing next to her. Janet coordinated everything for the kids at the wedding (and there were a lot of them). She had two babysitters, toys, instruments, movies on iPads, sleeping bags, tents, you name it. It was awesome.

AE squared.

Stay tuned for Part Two: The Walt Disney World portion of our trip on Thursday. I have a fun wedding invitation WIWOW planned for tomorrow.

Andrea xx

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  1. You are sweet :) It was wonderful to see you and the boys....come back soon!! Janet