October 7, 2011

Cali Getaway.

It's officially confirmed that one of our dear friends and his bride have set their wedding date for August 2012 in Pacific Palisades, CA. Well, how convenient (Church Lady)—since our five year anniversary is the day before! Guess we'll just HAVE to go a few days early to celebrate. But where to go? What is even around there? Oh right, NAPA!

I already know where I'd like to stay—I've had the link to The Carneros Inn website stored in my bookmarks for over a year. Just check this place out!


There are a few options in terms of where to stay: suites, cottages or homes. These next photos are from, fellow blogger, Erin's trip there with her family. And they chose to stay in the cottages. So CUTE!

I am loving the outdoor tub...there's an outdoor shower too!

I can't even deal with how beautiful the scenery is!

And the interiors are designed gorgeously and comfortably. Love.

This place looks perfect for any time of year, but especially Fall. I am going there right now, in my head. 

Have a fantastic long weekend. And be sure to celebrate all the amazing Italians in your life on Monday with a big fat bowl of pasta! Mangia!

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