September 9, 2011

She's My Sister. I love my Sister.

I miss the days when my birthday was a week-long (sometimes month-long) event. Well, Laura is still in her prime for making the most of her big day. So, to kick off my sister's birthday weekend, I thought I'd dedicate this post to her!

First off, I have to thank her for being such an amazing Aunt to my boys. They freaking LOVE her!

 I also want to thank her for being a great sister-in-law to McMuffin and making him feel like part of the fam.

And for giving the BEST. TOAST. EVER. at our wedding. She's great on a mic.

I mean, she really gets into it.


She just loves hearing herself talk.

Or sing.

Or pretending to be Mariah Carey.

She's only knocked her teeth out twice in microphone related accidents. 

Which is why she looks like this:

Love you Lo! xoxo
May your 26th year be full of adventures abroad!


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