September 6, 2011

Out with a Train!

HIGHLIGHTS of the looooong weekend include:

• Lobster feast with the fam, my parents and seester. Substituting brussel sprouts for corn on the cobb. The corn (like all Stop and Shop produce) just didn't look right.

• Are you sitting down? I made BREAKFAST PIZZA! Yes, it's exactly what you're thinking: Pizza crust, bacon, eggs and cheese with some fresh herbs to boot.

• A trip to my Aunt and Uncle's in Massachusetts for summer fun. Li'l G decided it was his birthday so we sang Happy Birthday and he blew out a candle...six times.

• Bike rides!

• GRAND FINALE: After a BBQ at my in-laws, we took Ali to the train station. Well, G$ wanted to go on the train too, soooo being the awesome parents that we are, we took Li'l G on the train from Fairfield to Westport (8 minute ride), got off and literally ran over to the other side of the tracks to make another train back to Fairfield.

Yes, Lo—those are the flip flops you left at our place.

Happy Fall!

Andrea xx

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