September 15, 2011

I Get a Kick from Champagne.

What a freaking awesome day! I feel like I should report that my birthday gifts were neither black nor yellow. But they were delightful, delicious and de-lovely. In that order.

McMuffin planned the entire day starting with a delightful spa morning just for me, lunch at a super delicious spot, (complete with champagne) and then the two of us had the most amazing seats for the de-lovely broadway show, Anything Goes.

And let me just say that Sutton Foster (above) blew. me. away. I was literally crying tears of joy during the big tap number. I'm sure McMuffin thought I was crazy. But what he didn't know was how many times I played the Anything Goes record when I was little and made up my own tap dances and then performed them for my audience Mom and Dad.

And another fun fact, Kelly Bishop played Hope's Mom. Who's that? Oh just Baby's Mom in Dirty Dancing—maybe you've heard of it.

Thank you to everyone for the kind birthday wishes and words. I felt so cool and so loved. The perfect blend-ship.

Andrea xx

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