September 7, 2011

How to Win an American Memoir.

Kristine (Krissy) Gasbarre is my sister's friendly neighbor, looks a LOT like my Aunt Gabe, wrote a pretty sweet book, How to Love an American Man—and that book could be yours!

If you live in the Tri-state area, be sure to check her out on Good Day New York this morning!

Now onto the fun part—ENTRY FUN! Here are the rules for your chance to win:

1. Like Krissy Gasbarre on Facebook...check!

2. LIKE AE Design on Facebook...check!

3. Leave a comment at the end of this post with: the most embarrassing conversation topic you discussed with a grandparent or elder.

I'll announce the winner on Friday—Good luck!

Andrea xx

*Update: Here's the video from this morning in case you missed it or don't live locally.


  1. Ok, why don't I kick off the comments? The most embarrassing thing I ever shared with my grandma was outing my cousin when she got her period. This, of course, is the first scene in the book, but I don't reveal how mortified I was when I saw how mortified my grandma and my cousin both were! Oh Krissy, some things just aren't for sharing...this memoirist just never learned that, I guess...

  2. My most embarrassing conversation topic was with my Nanny (grandmother-some people actually think I had a nanny, ha!) I was sad and telling her about my husbands dying grandfather and sick cat and she asked if we were going to euthanize the animal. Emotions were running high and I mistakenly thought she asked if we were going to euthanize the grandfather & I became even more upset about the whole ordeal. My family still laughs hysterically over this and it was @ least 5 years ago...Never living that one down!

  3. I'll go too, even though I can't win. Let me preface this by saying that Nonna watches too many telenovelas. Okay—so one day we were talking on the phone about friends that I had made when I moved out of the city and she told me to be careful who I became friends with because they might kill me and steal my baby out of jealousy. Oofah!

  4. My most embarrassing convo was with my Nonni whom is hysterical...but her wig was crooked and we were on our way to CVS (one of her favorite outings) so I had to let her know....

    Maureen P

  5. Oh! These are fun to read! I realize I'm too late for this contest but will go ahead and share anyway. My most embarrassing memory was telling my grandma why I was crying and upset one day around the age of 13 or 14. She finally coaxed out of me that my cousin and our other friend had been teasing me horribly for having a flat chest - calling me the "great plains" etc. I was so mortified and embarrassed to be telling my grandma. But, it turned into one of my most enduring memories of my grandmother's love. I remember her holding me in my arms as she comforted me and I can picture it vividly to this day.