September 8, 2011

Going on a Pet Hunt.

I spend a lot (and I mean A LOT) of time searching for beautiful photography of cats and dogs at my day job. There are a couple photographers whose work is so gorgeous it makes me almost want to get a pet of my own—almost. They are Li Ward from Fat Orange Cat Studio and Sharon Montrose.

Take a look at these cuties by Li and tell me you don't have an urge to hit the pet shelter:

Love how the striped leash on the white doggy mimics a tie in front of these commercial buildings. 

Happiest. dog. ever. I want him.


I mean, I can't even deal with this. It rips my heart out. In a good way.

Now check out these studio shots by Sharon Montrose. We were lucky enough to score one of her photos for an ad campaign we did last year. Such amazing work:

The wind-blown look. Amazing!

The details are so beautiful.

 The next two aren't from a studio, obvi, but so much personality—I can't get over it.

Makes me want to get a dog and take them to the beach. (Minus the stinky clean up.) 

After spending time with our neighbor's dog, Buddy, Li'l G has been asking for a four legged friend. Mommy said no—I clean up enough messes. But I have a feeling one might be in our future...far, far, far away in our future.

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