September 27, 2011

Cleaning House.

You may have gathered from previous posts that the other love of my life is savory, scrumptious, delicious food. Which is why it's so hard, even for me, to believe that I am doing a juice cleanse.

They say it's a great way to reset your system and give your organs a rest. But another reason, aside from all the nutritional goodness to do this particular cleanse—is the packaging!

I love the big stamp on my six-pack of juices from The Stand in Fairfield! It feels so fresh...which is how the juices taste. (Except for that last one yesterday with kelp, kale and hemp oil—tasted like dirty hippie bath water.)

I pick one of these up each day for five days and drink one of the numbered bottles every two hours.

Love their logo! It makes vegan eating look so fun!

Even their menu layout is designed well. I love when a restaurant hires a designer to handle ALL the details.

Here's to day two and feeling better than yesterday! Wish me luck. And did I mention that there is leftover Juniors Chocolate Chocolate cake in my kitchen. Yea, it's called willpower bitches!

Andrea xx

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