September 23, 2011

Book Club.

So, I guess I'm joining a book club. Don't get me wrong, I love to read a good book. But honestly, where will I find the time? And let's be honest, I'll need a lot of it since I'm the slowest reader on the planet.

Reading and eating are very similar to me, I like to take my time, taste every bit and digest everything. I find it very difficult to skim pages or even paragraphs.

Anyway, I'm reassured that this particular book club is more into booze than books. HOORAY!

Never having attended a book club before this is what I envision the proper outfit to be:

Book Club Chic

No sleeve shirt, $117
American Vintage asymmetrical cardigan, €80
AG Stevie Cords, $168
J crew shoes, $198
J crew handbag, $238
Clear bag, 249 CAD
MICHAEL Michael Kors michael kors jewelry, $250
French Connection lock jewelry, £12
Forever21 chain jewelry, $2.80
butter LONDON '3 Free Nail Lacquer Fash Pack One Size, $14
Lauren By Ralph Lauren Sutton Amber Wine Glass, $12

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