August 10, 2011

This is a Recording.

I am on vacation but I've asked the amazingly creative and talented Meg Moorhouse to fill in for me today.

I introduced Meg's line, Love & Victory to you a few months ago. And today she's back to share more of her awesome BK style (that's Brooklyn, not Burger King).

Meg is no stranger to unique design both in fashion and graphics. She designed accessories for La Voleuse—which was wildly popular among teens. Whilst designing handbags for New York label MZ Wallace where she beefed up her graphics skills designing all of their collateral and textile materials.

She is of the same mind as me—we will happily work for food and pile a lot on our plates, since she left those jobs to manage a friend's restaurant (No. 7) AND start Love & Victory at the same time. As if she wasn't busy enough, her newest (and I'd venture to say most awesome) job is that of Mommy to her beautiful daughter, Louella Mae.

Meg and her hubby, Willy, are both super busy bees so in their down-time they like to sip undercover booze at the playground with Lou and dream of the day when her tiny head fits into a bike helmet so they can pedal her out to Coney Island for pizza at Totonno's. "Exercise in pursuit of food" she says...that should be a t-shirt on L&V.

Without further ado...

I thought it would be fun to put together some modern-day paper dolls, envisioning

myself as the main character. My style doesn’t change too much over the years: I’m always feeling a bit of a Godard-girl moment, and little bits of leopard always creep in. It’s fun to put together a host of things you like and realize that they tell their own story, have their own palette.

1: tote, i miss you already

2: thorn studs, lee hale at erie basin

4: leopard beret, vintage at ruby lane

5: lattice top, built by wendy

6: high-waisted jeans, gap

8: notebooks, catbird

9: little gorilla, powell’s books

10: sneakers, converse

11: dress, alexandra king

12: skirt, ann cramer


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