August 2, 2011

Indian Influence.

Loving the colors, textures, patterns and sometimes sparkles of the fabrics, jewelry, accessories and even furniture that have been heavily influenced by Indian culture lately.

It feels a little costumey, but who am I kidding—I'd LOVE to wear a little headdress like the sparkly accessories Jessica Alba and Nicole Richie are donning.

The Olsen twins always know when to kick it up 5 million notches and leave their bum casual wear in the closet. I especially love Ashley's blue sari. 
The amount of "Full House" episodes I've watched is obscene. So of course, I can tell them apart!

Even these beautiful pieces of furniture are getting in on the action! The rustic texture with the gorgeous colors — L.O.V.E.

Designer, Sheridan French travels to Bali each year to find unique fabrics for her line. Loving the rich sapphire color for the Petra Tunic (in Galaxy).

I have these and they are even brighter better than pictured.


These feel a little more Native American 'Indian' but whatever—they're pretty badass.

Now, go bring your Indian, Quadrille, Sari, Ikat, Headdress sexy back. 

Andrea xx

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