August 12, 2011

But I don't have space!

I've spent my entire life living in apartments. I've never lived in a house. I could never live in a house. I don't even know what to do with that space. I lived in a 2 bedroom apartment with a roommate (including Lanky Lo) for almost 3 years in the East Village. When our landlord decided not to renew our lease we both decided it was time to live alone. I met with a handful of brokers, wandered around the streets of Manhattan (below 14th street, of course) and finally found my new abode. 

A charming West Village studio with archway entrances and a step up to enter the kitchen and bathroom. I'll take it. A few stacks of papers signed and checks handed over and the place was mine.  Take a sneak peak of what happened when it came to furnishing the apt.

You most likely live in the suburbs and have a house which means you most likely have a patio which means you may be lucky enough to be able to relax on a swing like this and look up to see the beautiful clouds floating in the sky.
I've been dreaming of having clouds on my ceiling for as long as I can remember. Having a backyard in Manhattan is pretty unrealistic. My best friend painted this beautiful abstract canvas of clouds. I love waking up to it every morning.
Many people who live in houses have the space for beautiful organized mudrooms like this one seen above.
I've always wanted a mudroom but that's hard to come by in NYC. I found this little refurbished wood table at the Brooklyn Flea and had to purchase it. The paper sorter/organizer/whatever you want to call it was a great purchase from Nadeau. 
 Many people that live in houses have built in floor to ceiling bookshelves. All the books you can imagine in one organized place - whether you read them frequently or not.
Floor to ceiling bookshelves? I think not. Instead of a headboard, I have book shelves above my head. I had to consolidate my book collection when it came to moving into this apartment but I have all the books I need.

People dream of big houses but I'm perfectly happy with my studio apartment. I loved decorating it and making it mine. Nobody to have any say on the way I designed it and what's wrong or right. It's just mine.

Guest blog post by Harper Spero....
Harper Spero has been called many things: a connector, music fanatic, picky eater, Manhattan snob, - and she pulls them all off quite well. Harper loves networking, connecting people/places and seeing live music several times a week. Find out more about Harper at or follow her on Twitter @harper22s

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