August 9, 2011

Before I Go.

I need to stop at Barnes and Noble for a couple new books before we head off on vacation. One in particular that's piqued my interest is 101 Things You Should Do Before Your Kids Leave Home.

Some of the ideas are kind of obvious (32. Hug your kids until they let go.) but some are really neat:

15. Teach your kids that "old-people" don't bite.
38. Serve in a soup kitchen.
68. Walk in the rain with one umbrella.

80. Dig for clams and steam them on the beach.

I'm sure there are million more you could think of because really, any time you spend with your kids is an opportunity to create awesome memories. But here's one more creative addition...

One Father's Day, an old boss of mine decided he needed a haircut—and his stylist of choice were his three kids. When he came into the office on Monday we drilled him on his butchered 'do, but I'm sure his kids will never forget the Father's Day they shaved their dad's head. Brilliant.

Anyway, this seems like it would be a quick-read so comment below with any suggestions for another book I should grab—aside from The Help.

And one more thing: Baby Trump is almost walking!

Have a great week!
Andrea xx

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