August 18, 2011

Amazing things I don't have time for.

I come across lots of fun and creative DIY projects—most of which I can't seem to find the time to execute. So, here's a collection of those things, and maybe those of you who are inspired to give them a try will be SUPER sweet and fantastically awesome and make one for me too.

Braided infiniti scarf

Chalkboard spice jars that could also work for seashells, crayons, clothes pins, hair ties, you name it.

Considering I leave my keys everywhere (on the car bumper, in the silverwear drawer, etc.) I am in desperate need of this. 

These should keep you busy, in the meantime be sure to check back on Monday for my first give-away! I'm really excited about it. And if you think you might forget, click the "Join this site" button over there on the right to be reminded.
Andrea xx

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