July 20, 2011

What I'm Working on Wednesday: Store Cards

Once we finalize a new logo for a company, the real fun begins; applying it to business cards, folders, website, t-shirts, you name it. Today's WIWOW is an example of taking the fun yet sophisticated logo for Petite Soirée and translating it into a store card.

It was a breeze to make the design for these cards so adorable because of exhibit A:

A is for Angelina. Have you seen a more adorable baby girl? Doubtful. 
Gorgeous design + gorgeous photography = Great Success (well said, Borat). But gorgeous design can easily go to waste when paired with crappy photos. Thankfully, my client knows the importance of beautiful images to help communicate the quality of her events.

These adorable cards will grace the cashier countertops of baby clothing and furniture boutiques, bakeries and children's photography studios.

Andrea xx

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