July 25, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up :: Hamburger Edition

We had another exhaustingly fun weekend. And although I brought the camera with us to Long Beach, NY to visit our friends and to a One Year Old Birthday Party—I was too distracted to take any pictures. Mommy fail.

BUT I did get some shots of Li'l G's first cheeseburger. I know, I know, he's two and a half and this is his first cheeseburger? Yes. Yes it is. He is a super picky eater who won't touch fruits, veggies or meat unless they're chicken fingers and squeezy fruits. 

G$'s aliases include: Carbo King, Milkshake Man, The Waffle Wonder, French Fry Guy...you get the idea and are probably thinking—this is why America is fat. Well, call Social Services because I am jumping-up-and-down excited that he took multiple bites of a cheeseburger at the new SHAKE SHACK in Westport. Can you pick a better place to have your first cheeseburger—no way José.

In healthier news: I harvested this ginormous zucchini and crooked neck squash from our garden, along with a bunch of little cherry tomatoes. I ate most of them so there weren't a whole lot left for the picture. AND I even hid some shredded zucchini in Li'l G and Trump's pastina for dinner. They ate the whole thing. Yea Baby!

I keep telling myself that one day they'll be eating sushi and lamb chops and I'll forget all about this struggle to give them food with solid, if any nutritional value.

Andrea xx

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  1. I totally hear you. I was cheering over a new-found love of hot dogs the other day. Kid regularly refuses to eat meat so... small victories.