July 11, 2011

Sun Scream.

I am dying (DYING!) over these sunscreens from Sun Bum, so much so—I could scream. In fact, I did when I saw them at the kayak shop in Charlestown, RI last week. (McMuffin was only slightly embarrassed.)

What's that? Why is this sunscreen so special, you ask? It's a super quality sunscreen. Really light and fresh. But the real hero, for me, is...The Packaging—beyond brilliant. Sun Bum's in-house design guru, Rene Canetti, is the brain behind this design masterpiece.

I love the visual texture and natural feel of the faux wood grain (it's printed on some type of shrink wrap around the bottle). And wood stain SPF levels? I hate that I didn't come up with this.

Sun Bum also comes in a continuous spray version as well as a face stick, lip balm and clear zinc oxide.

Which would you choose for your beach bag this Summer?  Duh.
I'm beginning to think that big name brand execs are blind.

Check out their website which is equally beachy and natural looking for more information on their products, surf contests, and sponsored surf team.

Andrea xx

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