July 12, 2011

Rhode Island Vacay.

With the temperatures still soaring and our central air on the fritz (WTFreak). I thought it would be the perfect time to think back to the cool breeze, warm sun and refreshing ocean waves from our quick vacation last week to Charlestown, RI.

This was the view from the second floor balcony—and that is my Father in Law attempting to fish. 
I love dunes.

I'm pretty much obsessed with the foamy part of the wave. 

Li'l G has a love/hate relationship with sand. They happened to be friends in this particular shot. 

Baby Trump tamed his coif with a straw fedora—courtesy of his stylist, Mama.

Baby Trumpster and me on our way back from a little stroll on the beach.  

McMuffin's idea of exercising = digging this tunnel and ditch for Li'l G to play in...with a paddle. 

Helping G$ practice his letters in the sand—I love those tiny toes. 

Figuring out we can get G$ to wear a rash guard (or pretty much anything) as long as it has a dinosaur or a character from the movie Cars on it = Priceless. 

We actually ended up cutting the vacation a day short because although the days were fun in the sun, the nights were filled with lots of tears and tantrums for the boys = exhaustion for McMuffin and me. It was actually great to have a day to catch up on the mounds of laundry and we also took Li'l G to see Cars 2 in the theater. It was his first real movie—he held his little ticket the whole time. Adorable!

Andrea xx

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